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RSI of JMA - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.07.11 16:51
2018.09.26 08:15
RSI of JMA.mq5 (15.26 KB)view

There are several methods of making the RSI smoother (and showing less false signals). One is to filter / smooth the prices prior to be used in RSI calculation

One of the methods for that, due to its high responsiveness to market changes and its smooth results, is the Jurik smoothing. This version of RSI is doing that producing a very nice smooth result wit much less false results

RSI (var) Jurik smoothed MA RSI (var) Jurik smoothed MA

RSI (var) using Jurik MA

Ang_Zad_C_Hist Ang_Zad_C_Hist

A histogram based on the difference between the main and the signal lines of indicator Ang_Zad_C in the points of the price chart.

Pivot oscillator - averages Pivot oscillator - averages

Pivot oscillator - averages

Pivot Oscillator Pivot Oscillator

Variation of a well known Pivot indicator showing pivot lines in a separate window and price position relative to those pivot lines.