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EMA_With_Trend_Adjustment - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.07.13 15:33

EMA_With_Trend_Adjustment - a moving average with exponential smoothing and correction by its trend component.

The indicator has four configured parameters:

  • Alpha - coefficient to calculate EMA;
  • Beta - coefficient to calculate the trend component;
  • Use Trend Adjustment - whether to use correction by trend (Yes/No);
  • Applied price - price used for calculations.


EMATA = Alpha * Price + (1-Alpha) * (PrevEMATA + Trend)
Trend = Beta * (EMATA - PrevEMATA) + (1 - Beta) * PrevTrend


Price - SMA(1, Applied price)

Fig 1. Trend component is not used.

Fig 1. Trend component is not used.

Fig. 2. Trend component is used.

Fig. 2. Trend component is used.

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Original code:

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