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RSI with RSI - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.06.19 16:10

In his article Combining Rsi With Rsi, author Peter Konner describes the use of two different RSI calculations using different lengths to allow trading of retracements as well as longer-term positions. The five-week and 17-week RSI values are used for entry and exits while the 17-week RSI is used for trend direction as an entry filter in the retracement entries.

This version of the indicator allows you to use any period combination on any timeframe, but keep in mind that the original was developed for the weekly timeframe.

Exp_Sinewave2_X2 Exp_Sinewave2_X2

A trend-following trading system Exp_Sinewave2_X2 is based on the signals of two indicators Sinewave2

SilverTrend_x10 SilverTrend_x10

Indicator SilverTrend_x10 shows the color of the SilverTrend indicator candlesticks from ten different timeframes from the bar defined in the indicator input parameters.

Log Sigmoidal Normalized T3 Log Sigmoidal Normalized T3

In this indicator T3 is sigmoidal (Softmax) normalized - made as oscillator that ranges in 0 to 1 range, and if you use hyperbolic normalization it will range from -1 to +1 range.

Repulse Repulse

The Repulse indicator measures and displays the bullish or bearish pressure associated with each price candlestick in the form of a curve.