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2018.06.18 16:20
EMA_Trend.mq5 (11.63 KB)view

A simple indicator that allows fast plotting two channels of moving averages calculated by the High and Low prices.

It has four input parameters:

  • Fast MA period - fast MA period;
  • Fast MA method - fast MA calculation method;
  • Slow MA period - slow MA period;
  • Slow MA method - slow MA calculation method.
One channel is plotted as two moving averages with a specified period and calculation method, but at different prices: The top of the channel is MA by the High price, and the channel bottom is MA by the Low price. Fast MA channel is plotted with blue lines, and slow MA channel is plotted with red lines.

Fig.1. Periods 21 and 34

Fig.1. Periods 21 and 34

Fig.2. Periods 21 and 120

Fig.2. Periods 21 and 120

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Original code:

ADX_Difference ADX_Difference

Indicator of the difference between ADX and ADX as of N periods ago.


Oscillator ADMIR (Average Directional Movement Index Rating) shows the ratio of the ADX lines of two indicators Average Directional Movement Index with the calculation periods differing by the specified value.

HL_StdDev HL_StdDev

The oscillator shows standard deviation calculated on the difference between the High and the Low.

Kalman_Filter Kalman_Filter

Indicator Kalman Filter. It allows efficiently smoothing the noise, extracting the main trend from it.