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2018.05.28 14:32

Based on Patrick E. Lafferty TASC article: "The End Point Moving Average".

This indicator uses the original formula described in the article with one deviation: it is made to be "faster" (i.e., to react to market changes in a faster mode than the original version).

EMA Deviation EMA Deviation

EMA Deviation is similar to Standard Deviation, but on a first glance you shall notice that it is "faster" than the Standard Deviation and that makes it useful when the speed of reaction to volatility is expected from any code or trading system.

Synthetic VIX Synthetic VIX

Synthetic VIX indicates the increase or decrease of volatility and it should be used as that.

CCI Stochastic CCI Stochastic

This is a Stochastic of CCI. When Stochastic is applied to CCI and the bounds are in the fixed 0 to 100 range, the trend assessment can be done using that fact too.

CCI - EMA based CCI - EMA based

Instead of using Simple Moving Average it uses EMA (Exponential Moving Average), and instead of using mean deviation it uses EMA deviation (originally published here EMA Deviation).