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Ehlers Nonlinear Filter - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.05.17 15:06

John Ehlers is known for making a lot of new tools for technical analysis. Here is one more.

According to Ehlres:

These filters provide extraordinary smoothing in sideways markets and aggressively follow major price movements with minimal lag.

Even though he tends to over praise his work, we can agree with some of the statements he makes, and this indicator is by all means one of the useful tools in the code base collection that we are building here for all of the traders.

Zone Trade - Histogram Zone Trade - Histogram

This version of Zone Trade indicator is made to show as histogram in separate window.

Zone Trade Zone Trade

The indicator was described by B. Williams as fourth dimension - Trading Zone.

Ehlers Nonlinear Filter Zone Ehlers Nonlinear Filter Zone

This is the "zone" indicator using Ehlers Nonlinear Filter for calculation.

Ehlers Distance Coefficient Filter Ehlers Distance Coefficient Filter

Ehlers Distance Coefficient Filter coded exactly a Ehlers described it in his book "Rocket science for traders".