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2018.06.06 14:34
WCCI.mq5 (15.29 KB)view

The Weighted CCI indicator consists of two CCIs (fast and slow), which are calculated taking into account the ratio of two ATRs (fast and slow) and two maximum overbought/oversold levels. The indicator shows two lines in a separate window: the fast CCI line and the slow CCI line.

It has ten input parameters:

  • CCI Fast period - fast CCI calculation period;
  • CCI Slow period - slow CCI calculation period;
  • Weight - influence of ATR values on CCI values;
  • ATR Fast period - fast ATR calculation period;
  • ATR Slow period - slow ATR calculation period;
  • Applied price - price used for the calculation of two CCIs;
  • Overbought max - the maximum overbought value (used in calculations);
  • Overbought - the overbought level;
  • Oversold - the oversold level;
  • Oversold min - the minimum oversold value (used in calculations).

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