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maximus_vX lite - expert for MetaTrader 5

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Published by:
Vladimir Karputov
votes: 15
2018.06.06 14:35

The author of the idea: eugene-last.

The MQL5 code author: Vladimir Karputov.

The Expert Advisor determines price consolidation levels. Consolidations are visually displayed as horizontal lines on a chart, forming a kind of a channel. The two upper lines (green) indicate the corridor for BUY positions, and the two lower lines (red) mark a corridor for SELL positions:

maximus_vX lite

The EA tries not to open more than two positions of each type (BUY and SELL). The following rule is used: if there is a position, then the next position of the same type can be opened no earlier than after Trade once in the "timeframe of checked elements" * number of seconds on the History: timeframe of checked elements timeframe.

Input Values

  • Trade once in "timeframe of checked elements" - the minimum time interval, after which the second position can be opened (the parameter value is multiplied by History: timeframe of checked elements);
  • Minimum indent from to the consolidation line to open a position - the minimum distance from the current consolidation line to position opening level;
  • History: range candle (High - Low) - the minimum candlestick size for calculating consolidation;
  • History: data count to copy - the number of requested elements for calculating consolidation;
  • History: number of checked elements for Max and Min - the number of analyzed elements inside History: data count to copy;
  • History: timeframe of checked elements - the timeframe, on which consolidation is calculated;
  • Risk in percent for a deal from a free margin - risk per trade calculated as percent of free margin;
  • Stop Loss - the stop loss value (50 means 0.00050 on 5-digit quotes and 0.0050 on 4-digit quotes);
  • Min profit (percent) - the minimum profit (in percentage), upon reaching which all positions are closed;
  • magic number - unique identifier for the EA.

Testing results on EURUSD, H1 with default parameters:

maximus_vX lite EURUSD H1

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Original code:


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