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Repulse - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.06.06 14:30
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The "Repulse" oscillator allows finding possible levels of price rebound or rollback from strong levels.

It has two parameters:

  • Repulse period - oscillator calculation period;
  • Signal period - signal line calculation period.


Repulse1[i] = Pos_EMA1[i]-Neg_EMA1[i],
Repulse2[i] = Pos_EMA2[i]-Neg_EMA2[i]


Pos_EMA1, Neg_EMA1 - EMA(PosSt1), EMA(NegSt1) with the period of 5*Period1),
Pos_EMA2, Neg_EMA2 - EMA(PosSt2), EMA(NegSt2) with the period of (5*Period2),
PosSt1[i] = 100*(3*Close[i] - 2*MinPrice1 - Open[i])/Close[i],
NegSt1[i] = 100*(Open[i] + 2*MaxPrice1 - 3*Close[i])/Close[i],
PosSt2[i] = 100*(3*Close[i] - 2*MinPrice2 - Open[i-Period2])/Close[i],
NegSt2[i] = 100*(Open[i-Period2] + 2*MaxPrice2 - 3*Close[i])/Close[i],
MinPrice1, MaxPrice1 - the highest and the lowest prices in the range from (i-Period1+1) to i,
MinPrice2, MaxPrice2 - the highest and the lowest prices in the range from (i-Period2+1) to i

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Original code:

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