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2018.03.28 12:54
2018.10.10 18:17
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Renko 2.0 Offline non-trading utility generates custom symbol information on 1M chart.

Based on Renko 2.0 indicator.

References the Symbol library for MetaTrader 5 by fxsaber.

This non-trading expert generates custom symbol information on 1M chart. Configure using Tick Size, Pip Size, Points or R. Now with Asymetric Reversals!


Renko 2.0 Offline Parameters


Renko 2.0 Offline: 5 pips candles

Feel free to use your favorite indicators with custom symbols generated by Renko 2.0 Offline.

Version history


  • Implemented Renko 2.0 library with Renko 2 Offline, custom symbol generation, volumes, gap colors, and other improvements.


  • Fixed events and time from Renko rates.


  • Fixed Renko open time on Renko rates.


  • Added tick event and removed timer event for tester.


  • Correct volume on Renko bars, wicks, performance, and parameters.


  • Now with timer event.


  • New methods and MiniChart display by Marcelo Hoepfner.


  • New library with custom tick, performance and other improvements.


  • Asymetric reversals, corrections on wick size and initialization.
ErrorDesc ErrorDesc

Printing GetLastError() and MqlTradeResult retcode as text description.

Schaff Trend Cycle Schaff Trend Cycle

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Renko 2.0 ATR Renko 2.0 ATR

This non-trading utility generates custom symbol information on 1M chart.