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2018.01.22 09:41
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An oscillator in the DRAW_FILLING style, using digital filters.

Fig.1. The Dtm indicator

Fig.1. The Dtm indicator.

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N seconds N points N seconds N points

The Expert Advisor tracks positions of all symbols with all magic numbers. If a position has been open for "Waiting for seconds" and its profit has reached "Take Profit" points, the EA closes the position. If the profit has not reached "Take Profit" points, the EA moves the take profit level.

Clock Clock

A library for creating analog clocks using MetaTrader 4/5 graphical resources.

Spreader 2 Spreader 2

An Expert Advisor for two currency pairs

OsMaSter v0 OsMaSter v0

The Expert Advisor is based on the iOsMA (Moving Average of Oscillator, OsMA) indicator signals.