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2017.05.29 13:58
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The strategy is based on the iBands indicator.

When the price breaks through the channel, a position is opened in the direction opposite to the price movement. If the price breaks through the upper channel border upwards, a Sell position is opened. If lower border is broken downwards, a Buy position is opened.

Fig. 1. Trading results for 2016-2017.

Fig. 1. Trading results for 2016-2017.

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Original code:

Candle Candle

Trades based on the previous candlestick.

ListPositions ListPositions

A list of all positions. An example of working with CPositionInfo.

ToClearChartObjectsByType ToClearChartObjectsByType

The script removes from the current chart all objects of the user selected type

ToClearObjectsByType ToClearObjectsByType

The script removes all objects of the type selected by the trader in input parameters from all charts of the client terminal.