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2016.03.30 13:12

Example of Commodity Channel Index Automated - expert for MetaTrader 4

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Published by:
Mohammad Soubra
votes: 10

Real author:

Mohammad Soubra

  • Commodity Channel Index or CCI is a great indicator in financial markets (forex too).
  • it is used here as an example only for coders (not a profitable EA).
  • it depends on the typical price of CCI to open buy/sell orders as below conditions:
double CCI_Typical_Curr=iCCI(NULL,0,CCIPeriod,PRICE_TYPICAL,0);
double CCI_Typical_Prev=iCCI(NULL,0,CCIPeriod,PRICE_TYPICAL,1);

// Here is the open buy rule
if((CCI_Typical_Prev<-90) && CCI_Typical_Curr>-80)
// Here is the open Sell rule
if((CCI_Typical_Prev>90) && (CCI_Typical_Curr<80))
  • with some fantastic entries as in the following:
input string separator1="--------------- TRADES OPTIONS ---------------";//TRADING INPUTS >> >> >> >>
input int    TradesDuplicator=3;//Trades Duplicator
input double Lots=0.03;//Fixed Lot Size
input int    MagicNumber=1982;//Trades ID
input double StopLoss=50;//Stop Loss
input double TakeProfit=200;//Take Profit
input int    TrailingStop=50;//Trailing Stop
input int    Slippage=3;
input string separator2="--------------- CCI OPTIONS ---------------";//CCI INPUTS >> >> >> >>
input int    CCIPeriod=9;//CCI Period
input string separator3="--------------- ON CHART COLORS ---------------";//TRADES ARROW COLOR >> >> >> >>
input color  BuyArrowOpen=clrBlue;//Buy Arrow Color
input color  SellArrowOpen=clrRed;//Sell Arrow Color
input color  ModificationArrow=clrWhite;//Modified Trades Arrow Color


  • This is just an example for this community library, not for trading.
  • Feel free to update/modify the code by me, yourself or even a 3rd party coder...
  • Take Care!

Harami slightly modified.

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