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2016.03.30 13:04

Harami MA RSI MACD - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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I added a Candle to the Harami Pattern, the results in trend direction are convincing.

default-settings = "Harami" only

  • MA and RSI and MACD are for experimental use
  • all filters can be used alone or combined
  • best results each for its own
  • Timeframes: all

Harami MA RSI MACD // One candle before = true

Input parameters

  • barsToProcess=5000 - the number of periods of the chart, that are involved, if you use a M15 chart, one day only - 200 should be enough
  • Alert_On - to get the alert on your screen
  • MA_filter=false - false= the MA-settings are not active // true= the MA-settings are working
  • RSI_filter=false - false= the RSI-settings are not active // true= the RSI-settings are working
  • MACD_filter=false - false= the MACD-settings are not active // true= the MACD-settings are working
  • One_Candle_before=false - false= the last candle before the pattern is not involved // true= the last candle before the pattern is involved and must have the same direction as the first pattern-candle
  • Trend_MA=12
  • MA_shift=0
  • MA_Mode=Exponential
  • MA_price=High price
  • RSI_Period=5
  • RSI_upper_level=70
  • RSI_lower_level=30
  • MACD_fast_EMA=12
  • MACD_slow_EMA=26
  • MACD_SMA=9
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