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FloatingSpread - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2016.02.08 12:52
2016.04.18 16:14

The indicator values are displayed only when new ticks appear. The indicator does not display history.

Description of the indicator settings:

  • Symbol_1 = "EURUSD"; — name of the first symbol to display.
  • Symbol_2 = "GBPUSD"; — name of the second symbol to display.
  • Symbol_3 = "USDCHF"; — name of the third symbol to display.
  • Symbol_4 = "USDJPY"; — name of the fourth symbol to display.
  • DrawBars = 130; — indicator display limitation, the number of bars. At = 0 displays on all available bars of the chart.

EURUSD chart, M15, 2016.01.28 11:45 UTC, FxPro Financial Services Ltd, MetaTrader 4, Demo

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Original code:

ChannelsFIBO_MTF ChannelsFIBO_MTF

The multitimeframe version of the ChannelsFIBO indicator.

Stream Stream

The indicator marks the bars, the size of which exceeds the value specified in the settings.

Example of RSI Automated Example of RSI Automated

This is my 1st published code, it is very simple code example: RSI 14 (price close) — open buy when it is < 25, close buy when it is > 50, open sell when it is > 75, close sell when it is < 50.

1 Click Button To Close All Open Positions 1 Click Button To Close All Open Positions

1 Click "Close All" button to close all your positions (regardless of the pair) will be closed at once.