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2016.02.17 08:52

Not Only Spread - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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Spread, its moving average (EMA), its maximum and minimum, and ticks per second (market speed) in the Comment.

The version 1.01 is made with the normal average, instead of the moving average.

just started

after the preselected time

input int     digi=1;//digits format
input int     sec=30;//seconds to refresh
input bool    clear=false;//if true, clears comment after closing indicator
1 Click Button To Close All Open Positions 1 Click Button To Close All Open Positions

1 Click "Close All" button to close all your positions (regardless of the pair) will be closed at once.

Example of RSI Automated Example of RSI Automated

This is my 1st published code, it is very simple code example: RSI 14 (price close) — open buy when it is < 25, close buy when it is > 50, open sell when it is > 75, close sell when it is < 50.

Example of Stochastic Automated Example of Stochastic Automated

The main idea of this Expert Advisor is to trade by the basic concept of Stochastic oscillator in its basic parameters, with ability to change these parameters via the EA inputs.

Droneox Equity Guardian Droneox Equity Guardian

Expert Advisor that will close all orders and disable another Expert Advisor / AutoTrading at desired level.