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2015.12.04 10:05

I often wondered and asked questions on the forum: "Which computer to choose for maximum performance of the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Terminals?" This question is interesting to many at the time of an upgrade or a purchase of a new PC with a focus on the performance of the MetaTrader, which is better to buy? Intel-based or AMD? How many and what kind of RAM should there be? Which motherboard? Which drive to select for data storage: SSD or HDD ?

Developers praise the performance and super speeds of the МetaТrader 5 Terminal, but how does a usual trader or an amateur programmer check the developers' words himself? Write some code? But which? What to check with? How to compare the performances of МetaТrader 4 and МetaТrader 5 at all?

Anyway, I thought about it for a while and decided to write a tester script to check the performance of the PC and the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 terminals.

Part of the code is taken from the Testing the new MQL5 compiler for x64 platforms - speed up calculations from 2 to 10 times! topic.

All I did was combine the codes of all the tests into a single script and add all these codes via a class, i.e. the script tests the PC and the terminals in two types of programming: procedural and OOP. I also added a few tests related to rendering of graphical objects, their displacement and deletion, plus handling CCanvas class test, plus the measurement of CopyRates function operation speed when copying 1 000 000 minute bars. 45 tests in total.

Additionally, honesty of VPS and VDS hosters can be checked using the script (by comparing performance on test periods).

You are welcome to take part in testing your PC by my example. I ran this test on my PC at maximum performance with empty startup.

The principle of operation of the script: once started, the script runs tests step by step, creates and deletes everything needed for the test, and finally opens a results table by itself.

My work PC:

  • OS name:     Windows 10 Pro
  • Type:           Computer based on x64
  • CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1100T Processor, 3311 MHz, cores: 6, logical processors: 6
  • RAM:          8,00 ГБ
  • Drive:         SSD Model OCZ-AGILITY3 90 GB

This is the result:

MT4 MT5 How many times МТ5 is faster
TERMINAL_BUILD 902 1210 Build
===TEST=== 0 0
Test Ackermann 2406 0 MilSek Absolute *
Test Ackermann OOP 2969 0 MilSek Absolute
Test Arrays 21422 297 MilSek 72,13
Test Arrays OOP 7312 437 MilSek 16,73
Test BubbleSort 13422 672 MilSek 19,97
Test BubbleSort OOP 4297 656 MilSek 6,55
Test Call 969 0 MilSek Absolute
Test Call OOP 906 0 MilSek Absolute
Test Fibo 2594 0 MilSek Absolute
Test Fibo OOP 2656 0 MilSek Absolute
Test Float 2359 0 MilSek Absolute
Test Float OOP 2516 0 MilSek Absolute
Test Matrix 20969 672 MilSek 31,20
Test Matrix OOP 7984 656 MilSek 12,17
Test Moments 7578 5578 MilSek 1,36
Test Moments OOP 7266 5594 MilSek 1,30
Test NestedLoop 5672 0 MilSek Absolute
Test NestedLoop OOP 6015 0 MilSek Absolute
Test PiCalculate 12000 3515 MilSek 3,41
Test PiCalculate OOP 11953 3500 MilSek 3,42
Test QuickSort 11734 2110 MilSek 5,56
Test QuickSort OOP 12782 1234 MilSek 10,36
Test Random 3297 516 MilSek 6,39
Test Random OOP 3203 531 MilSek 6,03
Test Sieve 18828 1078 MilSek 17,47
Test Sieve OOP 18890 1094 MilSek 17,27
Test StrCat 47 1578 MilSek 0,03
Test StrCat OOP 47 1766 MilSek 0,03
Test String 250 437 MilSek 0,57
Test String OOP 235 453 MilSek 0,52
Test StrPrep 5406 1922 MilSek 2,81
Test StrPrep OOP 5500 1938 MilSek 2,84
Test StrRev 6719 4265 MilSek 1,58
Test StrRev OOP 7125 4297 MilSek 1,66
Test StrSum 5843 3922 MilSek 1,49
Test StrSum OOP 5844 3984 MilSek 1,47
Test ObjectCreate 63 157 MilSek 0,40
Test ObjectMove 46 343 MilSek 0,13
Test ObjectDelete 579 0 MilSek Absolute
Test ObjectCreate OOP 46 125 MilSek 0,37
Test ObjectMove OOP 63 328 MilSek 0,19
Test ObjectDelete OOP 547 0 MilSek Absolute
Test CopyRates 94 0 MilSek Absolute
Test Canvas 30078 28047 MilSek 1,07
Test Print(Hello, world!!!) 1047 7453 MilSek 0,14
Test Final 281594 89609 MilSek 3,14


* Absolute — absolute superiority of MetaTrader 5.

Version for МetaТrader 4

// Important!!! It is not recommended to make changes to the script without understanding the consequences.
// The script is designed to evaluate the performance of the computer (Tablet, Desktop/Stationary, VPS/VDS servers, Servers).
// The script evaluated the computer in 45 tests of different focus in the two types of programming: OOP and procedural.
// Part of the codes was taken from open sources   Author: Renat Fatkhullin
// Program put together by Vladimir Pastushak
// Main performance indicator - time. The less time calculations required, the more productive are the computer and the МetaТrader Terminal.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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