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2015.08.10 10:52

BSI Trend and Channel - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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This indicator shows trend line and channels using the BSI Indicator.

First, it will check the trend by BSI. Then, draw the trend line or channels by condition. The trend line uses regression line, channels use tango line.

I've uploaded the compatible Tango Line indicator. I rewrote it again for this indicator.


  • orange dash line— trend line or channel (high);
  • blue dash line — trend line or channel (low);
  • red mark — reversal bar (high);
  • blue mark — reversal bar (low);
  • pink line — this line is tango line (show the entry level);
  • magenta line — moving average of tango line;
  • red dot line — BSI value.

Fig.1. Uptrend line

Fig.1. Uptrend line

Fig.2. Uptrend line

Fig.2. Uptrend line

Fig.3. Channel

Fig.3. Channel

Fig.4. Downtrend line

Fig.4. Downtrend line


Input Parameters

Personal Assistant Personal Assistant

Personal assistant is there to provide you with crucial information for making investment decisions and to execute your orders.

Auto MM Auto MM

This script will help you calculate your lot to open position.

Personal Assistant - The Next Generation Personal Assistant - The Next Generation

Personal Assistant The Next Generation is there to make your trading easy, basically it does what a real assistant does — provides information and executes your orders.


RSI EA based on overbought and oversold levels.