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2015.08.06 10:11
2016.11.22 07:32
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AutoMM_V1.mq4 (4.52 KB)view

This script will help you calculate your lot to open position. You just need to enter Risk and StopLoss.

Input parameters:

  • OPBUY=False — set true for entry position
  • OPSELL=False — set true for entry position
  • Risk=10 — in percent, your maximum loss when hit Stop Loss
  • SL=20 — it means 20 pips (4 digits) and 200 point (5 digits)
  • Jumlah_OP=2 — total orders, you can make multiple open positions
  • TakeProfit=20 — it means 20 pips (4 digits) and 200 point (5 digits)
  • CloseALL=False — true when you want to close all orders
  • MagicNumber=333 — orders identification number

Auto MM


- AutMM V1.mq4 (March 10, 2016)

  • decimal correction
  • comment info
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