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2016.02.01 08:59

ClockAnalog - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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24-hour analog GMT(UTC) market clock displaying in background. The clock displays the Greenwich Mean Time and shows the status of all main stock exchanges according to their schedule.

The clock shows the status of the following stock exchanges:

Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Dubai, Moscow, Johannesburg, London, Zürich, Frankfurt, Riyadh, New York, Toronto, Chicago, Wellington, Sydney.

Transition to daylight saving/standard time is performed as follows:

  • Second Sunday in March: New York, Toronto, Chicago. Transition to daylight saving time.
  • Last Sunday in March: London, Zürich, Frankfurt. Transition to daylight saving time.
  • First Sunday in April: Wellington, Sydney. Transition to standard time.
  • Last Sunday in September: Wellington. Transition to daylight saving time.
  • First Sunday in October: Sydney. Transition to daylight saving time.
  • Last Sunday in October: London, Zürich, Frankfurt. Transition to standard time.
  • First Sunday in November: New York, Toronto, Chicago. Transition to standard time.

Stock exchange working hours in GMT (information from

  • Tokyo. Open — 0:00, close — 6:00.
  • Singapore. Open — 1:00, close — 9:00.
  • Shanghai. Open — 1:30, close — 7:00.
  • Dubai. Open — 6:00, close — 10:00.
  • Moscow. Open — 6:00, close — 14:45.
  • Johannesburg. Open — 7:00, close — 15:00.
  • Riyadh. Open — 8:00, close — 12:30.
  • London, Zürich, Frankfurt. Standard time: open — 8:00, close — 16:30. Daylight saving time: open — 7:00, close — 15:30.
  • New York, Toronto, Chicago. Standard time: open — 14:30, close — 21:00. Daylight saving time: open — 13:30, close — 20:00.
  • Wellington. Standard time: open — 22:00, close — 04:45. Daylight saving time: open — 21:00, close — 03:45.
  • Sydney. Standard time: open — 00:00, close — 06:00. Daylight saving time: open — 23:00, close — 05:00.

The clock has two color schemes for both white and black chart background. You can change the second hand color and style in settings.

Button actions:


Bring to front:

Hide (move function doesn't work in hidden state):

The demo mode allows you to display opening and closing hours for any date:

Files location:

  • archive contains images in BMP format. Extract it to /Images folder maintaining the folder structure. In /Images folder, ClockAnalog folder should appear, containing following sub-folders: /104 (32 files), /110 (36 files), /111 (34 files), /203 (36 files), /403 (36 files), /409 (32 files); /Images/ClockAnalog should contain 5 BMP files.
  • MQH files should be put in /Include/ClockAnalog.
  • You can place ClockAnalog.mq4 in any indicator folder you like, for example, /Indicators/My.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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