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MA Lock - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2015.05.14 11:51
2016.11.22 07:32
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This indicator will help define MA (Moving Average) for one specified timeframe only.

When timeframe changes, this indicator automatically adjusts its setting to new timeframe if possible. The idea is "I just want to see how MA(8) from H1 when I am currently on M15" or "I just want to see how MA(100) from M15 when I am currently on H4" .


We want to see how MA(8) locked for H1 to other timeframe, especially for lower timeframes, such as M15, M30, M5, or even larger timeframe H4.

H1: MA(8)  --->  M15: MA(32)  ---> M30: MA(16)  ---> M5: MA(96)  --->  H4: MA(2)

To do this, we bound MA to H1 timeframe with this setting :

  • MATF = 60  (see notes on parameter)
  • MAPeriod = 8

Input parameters:

MALock Setting

MALock(8) on H1 (thin red line) compared with normal MA(8) before switching timeframe:

MALock on H1, compared with normal MA before change timeframe

MALock(8) H1 (thin red line) on M15 compared with normal MA(32).

MALock automatically becomes MA(32):

MALock on H1 on M15

MALock(8) H1 on M30 (equal to MA(16)):

MALock(8) H1 on M30

MALock(8) H1 on H1 and H4:

MALock(8) H1 on H1 and H4

2 MALock:

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