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2011.11.09 06:10

News Expert Advisor (no indicators) - expert for MetaTrader 4

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EA trades on a large market movements, and does not uses any indicators.
The idea of the Expert Advisor is that stop orders are discrete-time moving at a given distance from the current price.

If the price is rather abruptly slid to one side, the EA simply does not have time to move the order and it becomes a market.

Further included trail orders.

extern int Stoploss = 10,        // ​​stoploss if 0 is not changed
           Takeprofit = 50,      // TakeProfit, if 0 is not changed
extern int TrailingStop = 10,    // length of Trail, if 0 no trail
extern int TrailingStart = 0,    // ​​when trail usede, for example, after reaching 40 n arrived
extern int StepTrall = 2         // Thrall step - move stop-loss is not closer than StepTrail
extern int NoLoss = 0,           // ​​transfer to breakeven for a given number ve points of profit, if then there is no move to breakeven
           MinProfitNoLoss = 0,  // ​​minimum earnings when move to break-even level
extern int Magic = 77            // Magic
extern int Step = 10,            // distance from the price
extern double Lot = 0.1;
extern int TimeModify = 30       // number of seconds before a order is not allowed to change
extern int slippage = 30         // The maximum deviation of the price for market orders (orders to buy or sell).

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Original code:

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