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2011.11.09 06:11

exp_Lego_4 (Beta) - expert for MetaTrader 4

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A nice expert advisor, designeg for making own simple strategies.

Now needs something like pending orders and trail-for snippets... but it's also possible to use scripts (replace order to pend' one or launch own trail with Swiss Army)

Everything else is aviliable... MM, 12+8 indicators, easy change of requirements for indicators... etc. Pend and trail may be added as scripts... everything else is here!

News Expert Advisor (no indicators) News Expert Advisor (no indicators)

EA trades on a large market movements, and does not uses any indicators.

Universal configurable EA with include indicators inside. Universal configurable EA with include indicators inside.

This is my own best EA, in the main lines can be setted up many things.

psar bug 7 psar bug 7

Opens and closes orders using parabolic sar signals.

X bug free version v4.0 X bug free version v4.0

Trades using two moving average crosses.