Ai EuRUsD/GbPUsD Frequently Asked Questions

Ai EuRUsD/GbPUsD Frequently Asked Questions

24 February 2023, 10:41
Tais Miranda Hoffmann
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Ai EuRUsD/GbPUsD Frequently Asked Questions





Which is the best broker for this expert?

I have tested the most famous and biggest brokers in the world. You can use most brokers. But to be sure, use reliable and big and old brokers. Because data is an important issue. The data of different brokers is different.

What is the best time frame?

Lower time frames have more number of signals (such as 15 minutes) and higher time frames (such as one hour) have higher accuracy.

Will you be updating Expert in the future?

Yes, we will update the expert as long as necessary. We update the strategy and network of artificial intelligence. We increase the settings and fix possible problems.

Are the updates free?

Yes. Updates are always free for buyers.

Is it possible to take an expert test?

Yes. For the expert test, you can buy its one-month version.

From what brokers was the data used to build this expert taken?

  • Alpari
  • ICMarket
  • RoboForex
  • DukasCopy
  • FxCM
  • FxOpen
  • EasyForex
  • LiteForex
  • ForexTer
  • TickMill
  • Exness
  • FXTM
  • equitisequrities

Can this expert be used in other symbols?

no It will not be useful at all in other symbols. Only EURUSD

What are the ways to buy this expert?

The only way to buy this expert is the " ".

How long have you used this expert?

We have been using and testing this expert for more than 6 months.

In the settings, is the calculation unit a pip or a point?

All calculations are based on points.

Why doesn't Expert Trade?

1- The amount of spreads in your broker may be more than the amount of spreads in the settings.

so increase the amount of spreads in the settings.

2- The amount of leverage or your capital may be very small.

It is better to run an expert with a leverage of 40 and above and a capital of more than $ 100.

3- The expert may not have a signal at all.

So it is better to check the back test as well.

If it does not trade in the back test, then there is no signal and the expert is running correctly.

4. Experts may not be allowed to trade.

First in the settings, let the expert trade.

5- It may be due to your settings.

For example, it does not trade because of the allow long trades.

6- It may be due to the Delays in your VPS.

If the Delays value is high, the expert may not trade.

What should we do if we have checked all the points above but we have not found the problem?

In this case, you should send me a photo of the chart, and a photo of the expert and journal section for me to review.

If there is an error in the trade (for example, the broker did not allow the trade), it will be specified in these sections.

Where is the expert and journal section? How to find it?

According to the picture below, first click the terminal option (number one).

Then, on the bottom right, you will see the Expert and Journal tab. (No. 2)

Minimum capital ?


How many points are profit limit and loss limit?

Profit limit and loss limit are different in each trade (in default settings). But the amount of profit limit = loss limit. That is: R/R=1

Why are profit limits and loss limits slightly different?

Profit limit = loss limit + spread. The higher the spread, the greater the difference between the profit limit and the loss limit.

Will you provide a signal?

Yes, we are currently working on data, artificial intelligence, settings, customers and some expert issues and testing it. Soon (after updating the expert), we will provide a signal on this site, or on another site.

Are the expert settings based on the customer's account currency or only based on dollars?

Unfortunately, the settings are based on US dollars only. Due to the momentary changes in the exchange rate of different currencies, which requires online data, and according to the rules of this site, which does not allow us to activate DLL settings, we cannot create settings based on the desired currency.
But you can customize the expert according to your needs and conditions by using other settings, such as the amount of risk or lot.
However, if you need other settings, be sure to let us know, we will try to accommodate all your needs.

Does this expert also work for different symbols with extensions?

Yes, this expert works for all symbols and has no restrictions. As: EURUSD, EURUSDa, EURUSDb,...

Where is the group for buyers made?

According to the rules of this site, we can only create one group on this site. So our group is on this site. But the buyers themselves also form a group in Telegram and add me to the group. I am not responsible for the Telegram group.

How many candles does the expert (artificial intelligence) use? How many candles should be on the chart?

400 to 500 candles. To trade, you must have at least the last 400-500 candles on the chart. so that the expert can trade. Because artificial intelligence makes decisions based on these 400-500 candles.

Is there a free trial version?

No, suppose a person, with different accounts, receives a free copy from us every month. So that person no longer needs a paid version.
Because of this, no one will buy the Expert from us.
For this reason, there is no free trial version.
I hope you understand us.

What tips should we follow to make expert trades right?

  • Choose a great broker. (Data is very important for artificial intelligence)
  • The number of past candles in your chart should be above 400 candles. (This expert uses past 400-500 candles to predict the future)

  • Do not risk too much. No matter how good an expert is, unexpected things may happen in the future.

What is the average number of trades?

The number of trades in backtest and live are exactly the same. So you can see the number of trades in the backtest with your desired settings.
For example, in the last month, then you will get the answer. The average number of trades in live is the same as the average number of trades in the backtest.
Because of the different settings, I can't say one number that is the same for all buyers.
So based on your settings, you can find the average.

How much is the amount of lots in each trade? (in default settings)

The amount of lots in each trade is based on the amount of risk and the amount of the loss limit.
The amount of risk in each trade is fixed and equal to 5%.
But the amount of the loss limit is not fixed. For this reason, the lot amount in each trade is different.

Are the results of MetaTrader 4 and 5 versions different?

At the very beginning, I should say that I am using MetaTrader 4 version.
This expert uses artificial intelligence based decisions.
Artificial intelligence makes decisions with complex mathematical calculations.
So accuracy in data is very important.
Metatrader 5 has more accurate data during calculations.
For example, Metatrader calculates 4 to 8 decimal digits, but Metatrader calculates 5 more digits.
So Metatrader 5 is more accurate.
Also, the data of brokers may be different for Metatrader 4 and 5. This depends on your broker.
But after several months of testing, the results of both were very close to each other.

Why doesn't the expert work well in other symbols?

As you know, this expert works based on artificial intelligence.
An artificial intelligence robot can only be responsive in the fields given to it.
For example, suppose that an artificial intelligence is given data related to specialized computer science. If you ask him about medical science, he will certainly not give you the right answer.
We have also given this expert only the data of the Euro-Dollar symbol, so it will only be useful for this symbol.
Now you may be wondering why I didn't give the data of other symbols: each symbol has its own behavior, every professional trader knows this. If we gave the data of other symbols, due to the different behavior of each symbol, the accuracy of the expert would decrease. So currently, we don't have a solution for this issue and the expert is only suitable for one symbol.

Should the expert be active all the time (24/7)? Does that mean I have to use VPS?

There is no need, you can only run the expert as many times as you want.
But if Expert Trade is open, it is better not to close it.
So if you use VPS, it is better.

Can I get old versions of Expert directly from you? Or change the version of meta 4 with 5 (or vice versa)?

As you know, hacked versions of experts are being sold in many social networks.
Those versions do not work properly, but they have caused people to use less than the original versions.
For this reason, we cannot send the expert directly to anyone.
For security issues and proper functioning of Expert.
If an Expert is hacked, the original Expert may not work properly.
The signals are revealed and in the future they cannot take their profit from the forex market.
I hope you understand and do not make this request from us.

Does artificial intelligence update and learn more?

Yes, the AI learns more with each trade.

Even different brokers with different data make the expert learn better.

We also increase the speed of its progress by updating artificial intelligence data in each version.

Are the results of different brokers different?

This artificial intelligence uses data and the past 500 candles to make decisions.
If the candles are exactly the same, the results will not be different.
If the data is different (which in most brokers, the data is different), the trades will also be different.
But the number of these differences is small.

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