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5 September 2021, 14:46
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How can I buy a product from mql5.com Market?

Find the official guide here.

How do I install indicators and expert advisors purchased from the mql5.com market?

Carefully read my Installation Guide.

How do I update indicators and expert advisors purchased from the mql5.com market?

Carefully read my Update Guide.

Do I have to pay for future updates?

No, updates are free lifetime.

How do activations work?

You can find more informations about activations here.

Where can I download set files for the product?

If I provide set files for this product, you can find them on the product page, pay attention to the links.

The free download button is not working!

There are always 2 possibilities. The first is to press the button from the mql5.com website. If it does not work, follow my installation guide until point 4, then select the product you want and press download from the platform.

Can I get the product source code?

No, you will not receive the source code with the purchase of a product on mql5.com 

What file will I receive?

An ex4 or ex5 file will be downloaded, which are used to run the purchased program.

Can I install your Indicators/EAs on my smartphone?

No it is not possible, the EAs / Indicators only work on the computer

Do you offer discounts?

The mql5.com market does not implement discount codes functionality. You can receive discounts on our website dark trading biz. By downloading some products, adding to cart etc... you may receive discounts via email after a few days or weeks

Why are you not answering to my questions?

I usually reply within 24-48 hours, if I haven't, I may have some problems with the mql5 messaging system.

You may find quick answers on this page or in my other guides or user manuals (which you can find on the product pages)

Do you have channels or groups where I can talk to other users?

Yes we have it on telegram, search for @darktradingchannel and @darktradingroup

Which VPS Provider do you use or do you recommend for host your EAs?

This is my VPS provider: https://t.me/darktradingchannel/76

Which broker do you use or do you recommend for your Indicators and EAs?

This is my broker: https://t.me/darktradingchannel/48

What to do if I have received an "invalid license" error?

Kindly note that indicators and EAs downloaded from the mql5.com market can't be moved manually to other platforms or computers, so to solve you have to delete the product from the platform, then follow my installation guide.


The indicator does not appear on the chart! (or not work)

In this case visit our Troubleshooting guide (read carefully)

Do your indicators have alerts?

Yes, all of them have classic alerts, push notification and email alerts.

What timeframes and pairs do you recommend?

I usually write this information on the product page

Expert Advisors

The EA not open trades! (or not work)

In this case visit our Troubleshooting guide (read carefully)

The EA does not run in strategy tester

In this case, maybe you have not downloaded the data correctly, you can do it from here Tools -> History Center

What account leverage do I need?

A leverage of 1:25 or higher is sufficient for all of my Expert Advisor

What amount of capital is recommended?

If a minimum capital is required for the EA, you will find it written on the product page.

Otherwise, you have to evaluate the capital to be used, based on your settings and your analyzes.

How can I understand the meaning of all the parameters?

You can find the list of parameters on the product page, or in the user manual. (if it exists it is attached to the product page)

What is the magic number and when does it need to be changed?

The magic number is an order identification number. There is no need to change it if you are using 2 different currency pairs. you need to change it if you are using the same EA, in 2 charts, in the same currency pair.

For example if you are using Dark Venus on eurusd M5 and in another chart you are using it on eurusd H1, you need to change the magic number in one of the 2 charts. This will prevent the EA from confusing orders. (You can choose any number, random)

Can I customize the order comments?

Yes, you can do it for any of my EAs. Look for a parameter called "Custom Comment" in the EA inputs, and type your desired order comment.


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