Bermaui Pin Bars EA

Bermaui Pin Bars EA

24 August 2019, 18:34
Muhammad Elbermawi

Welcome to the world of Bermaui Pin Bars

In this article I want to shed the light on the "BPB Expert Advisor" and give a proof that the EA have a high rate of success and is robust enough to generate good income from the market. But before this let me first explain the idea behind this EA.

Now, for all our happy customers who leave a good review and five stars you can have BPB Tools Kit that contain:

  1. BPB Average EA.
  2. Bermaui Q Stick Indicator.

By gaining the skill of using the three tools I ensure you that you can beat the market hard. and make the money you ever dreamed off.

Steps to have the BPB Tools Kit:

  1. Buy BPB from the market. Here is the product link:
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  3. I will send you EA copy as a private message.

How Does the Bermaui Pin Bars EA Works?

After I built the Bermaui Pin Bars equation I found that the power of this candlestick pattern differ from one situation to another. There are some conditions that make some of those patterns more important than the others. From those conditions:

1. The main trend and if it is bullish, bearish or sideways.

2. The color of the BPB. if the BPB candle is green, then this means that the close is higher than the open. If the BPB candle is red, then the close is lower than the open.

3. The wick or the shadow of the candle. Green candles with long wick from the low is more bullish than green candles with long wicks from the high and vice versa.

To define the main trend direction, I use Bermaui Bands. When a BPB pattern appear above the Upper Band then it is a buy signal, and if it appears under the Lower Band it is a sell signal. I ignore trading inside the bands when the upper and lower Bermaui Bands expand away from each other to form the Bermaui Bands Cloud.

So, BPB EA is a trend following system that catch the trend when a new BPB pattern appears. It does not trade when volatility is low because the market may be in a sideways area.

Here is an example on Selling

Bermaui Pin Bars 1

Another example on buying

Bermaui Pin Bars 2

BPB EA Money Management Strategy

The EA depends on the concept of averaging. It begins a trading cycle depending on the previous technical analysis conditions. If target is hit, then it waits for the next opportunity. If price candles moved against the first buy with a predetermined value a new order is triggered. The entry price of both trades is averaged. The target for both trades is added or subtracted from the entry average price.

This create a group of orders taken from different positions and have the same target. As price fluctuate the probability of hitting the target increase.

Bermaui Pin Bars 3

The trader has a high control on his risk depending on the EA parameters. He can change his lot size percentage, take profits, steps between orders or the maximum number of orders to take.

Bermaui Pin Bars 4

No Magic Number

MT4 allow to use one EA on each chart. Also, each chart has a Char ID which is a unique number for this chart. So, it was logical to use the Chart ID as a magic number for the BPB EA. This will stop the logical errors that happen if the user forgets to change the magic number of the EA for each chart that he adds the EA on it.

Bermaui Pin Bars EA Success Proof.

When I wrote this EA I wanted to give user a way to optimize the indicator parameters depending on the chart that he trades, but when I did optimization I found that the EA has a great abilities despite of the BPB indicator setup of parameters.

In the next screen shots, I will show you the results of optimization process done on several currency pairs. The optimization was done on the Bermaui Bands parameters only and the money management parameters was left to default.

Bermaui Pin Bars 5

EURUSD Optimization Graph

Bermaui Pin Bars 6

USDJPY Optimization Graph

Bermaui Pin Bars 7

USDCAD Optimization Graph

Bermaui Pin Bars 8

AUDUSD Optimization Graph

Bermaui Pin Bars 9

I really wish to show you every optimization that I did but I found it better if you did it by yourself. If you want to learn about expert advisor's optimization process, then I suggest to read the next two blogs.

Optimizing True Direction Oscillator (Part One)

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The indicator and the EA is available for happy customers who leave a good review plus 5 stars.


I hope you can find Bermaui Pin Bars system profitable for you. If you have any question send it to me and I will answer as soon as I am online. I wish all of you happy trading with Bermaui Pin Bars.


Muhammad Al Bermaui, CMT

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