12 May 2019, 09:08

All parameters for EA Fast Grabber v1.1


  • ====  MAIN  INPUTS ==== 
  • Fast Grabber Strategy : Turn on/off the Fast scalping strategy.
  • Night Scalper : Turn on/off the Night scalping strategy.
  • Fast Grabber Magic number - The magic number of main strategy (Fast grabber FIFO).
  • Night Scalper Magic number - The magic number of Night Scalping strategy.
  • Manual Magic number - The magic number of Manual trading (manual trading panel).
  • Symbols select : Select which symbol you want to trade.
  • Maximum Order: Manage maximum opining orders in Just one candle for Fast grabber strategy.
  • Symbol Suffix: Your broker symbols suffix
  • Symbol Prefix Your broker symbols prefix
  • Working time frame : Select EA time frame. (in every version please use default).
  • Custom Comment : Use this to change your order comment.
  • ====  MONEY MANAGEMENT ==== 
  • Money management : Turn of money management system. (manage order lot base on your account balance).
  • Static lot : Static orders lot if money management turned off
  • Take profit : Set Order take profit
  • Stop loss : Set Order stop loss
  • Investment Risk: with this parameter you can manage your risk of money management.
  • Maximum spread : Maximum spread allowed for opening orders
  • Maximum slippage : Maximum slippage allowed for opening orders
  • ====  TIME MANAGEMENT ==== 
  • Trade Hour: Hour to start opening night scalping strategy
  • GMT Offset : the value of the difference between your broker's server time and GMT (just for test mode because in real GMT offset calculate automatically)
  • ====  GRAPHICAL OPTION ==== 
  • Show EA panel : Turn on the graphical ea panel (show market info and more...)
  • Show market session : Turn on market session panel to show you time of the market 
  • Manual trading : Turn on/off the manual trading panel.


  1. Go to this link :
  2. See your server time at the top of the meta trader market watch window.
  3. difference between this two time is your GMT offset.

Example 1: Time in the terminal = 15.30, and GMT=13.30; then GMToffset = 2

Example 2: Time in the terminal = 9.00, and GMT=11.00; then GMToffset = -2 


EA have 2 Strategy.

Main strategy is Fast grabber that use FIFO system

And the second strategy is Night scalping.

Night scalping strategy is scalper fully automated expert Advisor for low volatile night of trade

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