First EA (Generals) launched

6 May 2019, 18:50
Orlando Kreileman

Dear traders,

After being live for a month with our signal we also wanted to share an EA with a different strategy for the traders who would like to setup something for themselves.

Therefore we present 'Generals'

Generals is a high profit / non losing EA. 

Depending on your desired risk profile the EA produces between 100% and 1000% profit per year. 

The EA does not use Martingale, Grid, Averaging or other killing techniques!

Which pairs do we use?

At the moment we only use the GBPJPY pair. The EA works on all pairs but we only optimized for this pair for now. 

How to reach these profits?

Simply attach the EA to the graph (M15) and use the provided PRESETS/SETTINGS

How to set your risk profile?

We advise to use (depending on the risk you are willing to take) the following lot MM. (ofcourse lots can be adjusted according to capital)


Very low risk0.1 
Low risk0.2
Medium risk0.3
High risk0.4
Very high risk0.5
Extremely high risk0.6>

What are important elements when considering backtests and buying an EA?

As you guys all know there is no 100% holy grail guaranteed way to financial freedom but to get the best chances please always consider the following when comparing EA's:

-Always only consider backtests/EA's with a data quality of more than 99% and preferably 99,9%!

-Always look to the period of testing and use minimal 3 years, preferably 5 years!

-Always focus on a Profit Factor of minimal 2 and preferably 3 and higher!

-Always consider DD and take in account the risk you want to take. 

-Never use Martingale, Grid etc.

Where can I find your proof?

Ofcourse our product meets the above requirements and shows a PF of more than 50! See the enclosed backtests please. 



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