Wolfe Evolution Detector

Wolfe Evolution Detector

24 May 2019, 10:27
Leandro Di Francesco

The Wolfe Evolution Detector is an innovative tool to help the trader to detects Wolfe Waves on any timeframe and up to 28 Simbols, trough a Dashboard.

This tool is designed to semi-automatic suggest signals.

The Dashboard analyzes all major Time Frame suggesting Wolfe Wave Classic and Optimezed .

The tool is very simple to use.

Click here for more details: https://wolfevolutiondetector.com/

Input parameters:

-          MagicNumber  222(Max 9 digits)

-          Scanner (true/false) = Enable/Disable Scanner Dashboard

-          User template to add on chart opened (saved on your MT4 directory)

Money Management settings:

-          Risk of percentage (for every trade)

-          Free risk level for invalidation (when the price reaches this percentage, The Wolfe is Invalid)

-          Stop at Break-even at the percentage of (when order reaches this percentage, EA moves StopLoss at BE)

-          Split of (when order reaches this percentage, EA Split the size)

-          Buffer to add to the target (POINTS)

-          Buffer to add to the Break-out (POINTS)

Wolfe settings:

-          Multiplier PRZ

-          Total TOP BOTTOM candles

Indicator settings:

-          Delta

-          Period1

-          Period2

-          Period3

-          Dev_step_1

-          Dev_step_2

-          Dev_step_3

-          Symbol_1_kod

-          Symbol_2_Kod

-          Symbol_3_Kod

-          Wolfe Classic BUY color

-          Wolfe Classic SELL color

-          Wolfe Optimized BUY color

-          Wolfe Optimized SELL color

-          Wolfe_Color


Various settings:

-          Sound and Pop up mode(true/false)

-          Sound

Scanner settings:

-          Refresh every seconds

-          Scanner Period M1(true/false)

-          Scanner Period M5(true/false)

-          Scanner Period M15(true/false)

-          Scanner Period M30(true/false)

-          Scanner Period H1(true/false)

-          Scanner Period H4(true/false)

-          Scanner Period DAILY(true/false)

-          Scanner Period WEEKLY(true/false)

-          Scanner Period MONTHLY(true/false)

-          Symbols (MAX 28 symbols or indexes)

Rectangle Graphic Setup:

-          Style of rectangle lines

-          Width of rectangle lines

-          Filing the rectangle with color

-          Background rectangle

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