(27 NOVEMBER 2017)USD / CHF:Riding lower.

(27 NOVEMBER 2017)USD / CHF:Riding lower.

27 November 2017, 12:55
Jiming Huang


Riding lower.

(By Yann Quelenn)

• USD/CHF's technical structure is clearly

bearish. The technical structure indicates further

downside risks. The pair has failed to hold

consistently above the parity. The road is wideopen

for further decline.

• In the long-term, the pair is still trading in

range since 2011 despite some turmoil when the

SNB unpegged the CHF. Key support can be

found 0.8986 (30/01/2015 low). The technical

structure favours nonetheless a long term bullish

bias since the unpeg in January 2015.

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