Infinity Scalper Indicator For M1 & M5 Timeframes

4 July 2017, 08:14
Ahmad Hassam

Infinity Scalper is a new forex scalping indicator that has hit the market.

You can check this Infinity Scalper and see it it gives good performance or not.

The problem with most indicators is that they simply don't work.

The developers of Infinity Scalper launch a new indicator after every six months.

I suspect most of the time they just change the name of the indicator.

Don't ever trade live with an indicator unless you have tested it thoroughly on your practice account.

I am developing my indicator that I plan to use for scalping as well as trading 1 minute and 5 minute binary options.

I am focusing on developing my fuzzy logic algorithm.

I will let you know when I have thoroughly tested my indicator.

In the meantime you can check this Infinity Scalper.

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