Trading project from $50 to $2500 Real live account!

Trading project from $50 to $2500 Real live account!

2 May 2017, 11:33
Grigorios Papaioannou

Hello, let me first introduce myself. I have been prop trader in big banks since 2005, trading all asset classes, from bonds, equities, futures, fx and options. I try to capitalize on short term opportunities that arise in global financial markets. I use all kind of strategies, trend following, trend reversals, scalping, depending on current situation every time.

During my 18+ trading career I have developed some systems that gives you an edge in the today's fast moving markets. Strategies that used involve all kind of technical analysis in conjunction with market news and developments. The target is to make money with the least possible exposure. An up sloping linear equity curve will be the desired target.

Back to December 2015 I started a project I always wanted in order to challenge myself! I opened a real money account in instaforex, where then they gave$50 bonus real money in order to trade, you couldn’t withdraw the bonus of course but you could take any profits you could make. I traded very carefully, starting with small lots as the balance was very low. The project would be to make x50 times the initial balance, equals $2500 where I would start to take out some money, firstly to see if they were legit brokers, and secondly to open other accounts to finance new projects! As you can see in the chart, after almost 1000 trades the target was accomplished! Instaforex gave me the money withdrawals I asked, you can see in the next table. (you can open a demo orlive account here

It was a fascinating experience, during that period I was participating in the companies ForexCopy and PAMM systems, were I was able to make more profits as people could follow me leaving me with plenty of commissions.

The best part is that this account was used in Zulutrade in order to gain more followers as I did, standing now in number 1 in “Real money” Traders, with all time winnings!

you can open an account in


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The best thing is that you can now start following my signals here as well, I start the subscription with the minimum $20, less than $1 a day! This will be for a INITIAL PROMO OFFER for the first 100 subscribers, then price will be adjusted!!tab=trading

and here a new project

Someone wouldn’t want to miss this offer!

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