EURUSD Short Trade With Stop Loss 10 Pips And Take Profit 150 Pips

1 April 2017, 09:47
Ahmad Hassam

EURUSD is a wonderful pair when it comes to trading.

It can give you very low risk trades. It trends in one direction for a long time.

So once you have the trend direction confirmed, you can look for a low risk entry.

Read this new post on a EURUSD short trade that made a profit of 150 pips with a small stop loss of 10 pips.

I firmly believe in using a very small stop loss. My trading strategy tries to catch 100-200 pips with a 10-15 pip stop loss.

It took my many months to perfect my trading strategy. I trade on H4 chart. This is the best chart.

First I look at the weekly chart. Then I look at the daily chart. This gives me the sense in which market will move.

Then I use H4 chart for finding a low risk entry. Each H4 candle can provide you with a good entry.

I don't look at lower timeframe charts as they are not reliable.

After every four hour I look at the chart and a 1 minute glance can tell you whether you have a good trade or not.

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