An Introduction To R For Currency Traders 1 Hour 30 Minute Recorded Webinar

13 December 2016, 13:33
Ahmad Hassam

R is a powerful data science and machine learning software that is open source.

You can download R free from its website. It has versions available for Windows as well as Mac OS and Linux.

Rstudio is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for R. You can also download it free.

Before you can use R, you need to learn R programming language.

Unlike Excel, R is a scripting language which is much more powerful and let's you do a lot of things that you cannot do in Excel.

Watch this 1 hour 30 minute recorded webinar posted on my blog that shows how you can use R to improve your trading.

R is being extensively used at Wall Street.

Instead of buying expensive neural network software that do almost nothing, you can develop your own neural networks using R free.

So don't hesitate to put in a little effort and learn R.

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