How To Trade Three Line Strike Candlestick Pattern?

9 December 2016, 05:42
Ahmad Hassam

Candlesticks are powerful charting tool that a trader must master.

I mostly use candlesticks in my trading.

Using candlesticks I have been able to lower risk down to 10 pips.

I only use stop loss between 10-20 pips based on candlestick pattern high or low.

Three Strike Candlestick Pattern is a powerful trend reversal pattern.

Read this blog post in which I explain how to trade Three Strike Candlestick Pattern.

Just make sure you take risk management seriously.

If you find the range of the candlestick pattern to be large, wait for a new candle with a narrow range.

This is how you can reduce risk to 10-20 pips.

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