US Presidential Election Series: Looking forward to September 26th

9 September 2016, 08:32
Eko Rediantoro

As the days pass by, this year’s U.S. Presidential election looks tighter than ever. Donald Trump, who was counted out from the beginning of the race and again after August feud with a gold star family in the U.S. is now closer than ever in beating Hillary Clinton. With such a tight race, a lot will depend on how the candidates perform in the Presidential debate, which is set to kick off on September 26th.

Those, who have been quite vividly following the race, like many of us in the FxWirePro team; they can’t just wait for the battle to begin that he been marked by many as the battle/debate of the century. This year’s debate is widely expected to break all previous records in terms of viewership. According to our view, it would be nothing less than the Beijing Olympic ceremony, when almost 2 billion people worldwide tuned in to watch. More than 60 million people on an average watched the Obama-Romney debate in 2012 but the record is held by Reagan-Carter debate in the 80’s when 81 million people tuned in to view it. We expect that record will break, given the passion about this election not only in the United States but around the world and if we count the YouTube and highlights views then this could be the closest event in challenging the Olympic.

With so many viewership, these debates stand as the most crucial event in this year’s election and whichever candidate dominates, will surely hold an edge in the election in November.

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