High Impact News !!!

High Impact News !!!

25 August 2016, 21:32
Pankaj D Costa

High Impact News: ( from 22nd to 26th August):

1. UK Revised GDP q/q,  August 26, 2016 

2. US Prelim GDP q/q,  August 26, 2016 

We have only two high impact news schedule in this week. This both news are major and can give spike if actual report comes different from forecast report. There is very little chance to get big spike within these news but I will try my best with my news trading EA. If you want to use my EA during high impact news, can download from this link:


Also see past live prove from the mentioned link. For news trade, specially I like www.pepperstone.com forex broker.

They have pure ECN Razor Account. No re quote during high impact news and very low spread. 

If you want to trade in EDGE enabled super powerful platform, you can try here: www.pepperstone.com

Wish you happy trading.



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