News Trade EA Real Copy

News Trade EA Real Copy

18 August 2016, 21:16
Pankaj D Costa
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Already I had posted high impact news trade EA in my different post. Here I am giving you most updated and real copy for your own test in any broker. 

This EA is only for high impact news trade. In my last update EA, you will get news time settings option. Suppose you are not in front of PC but you want to trade during news time. Just put the exact time in the settings and keep on "Auto Trading" mood. Please follow the below points if you want to use time option.

Suppose, news released time is 19.30 (Need to follow your MT4 terminal time).

Select the current date and put start time as: 19.29 (So, just 1 minute before of news released, EA will place order.) 

Select the End time as 19.31 (So, after 1 minute of news released, EA will close all pending orders and opened orders with profit / loss.)

If you want to keep order / positions more times i.e. 5 minutes or 30 minutes, just change that as per your requirement.

Update EA parameters:

Time Filter: False (If false, no need to set time, EA will place orders instantly.), If True, need to select date and time as already described).

Stop Loss and Take Profit keep zero (0) to safe your fund. You can see my live trade video how its works. Video link is: Live News Trade

At a time you can set this EA in multiple chart / Pair, just change magic number. Time frame is does not matter. Can work in any time frame. 




Please note, we have to face lot of issues during high impact news time i.e. re quote, slippage, off quote, invalid price, stop level increased etc. Maximum brokers not giving the chance to catch news spike profit. I had tested in lot of brokers but finally I got excellent result in If you like to get positive result with this EA, can test at Pepperstone. This is ASIC regulated and pure ECN broker. If you open account from my link, my EA can get for life time validity for that account. You are most welcome to test in any broker. This EA now open for all brokers / accounts / real or demo with validity till 12th Sept, 2016.

If you need any query, anytime can knock me. Please find the EA in attached file.

Open an account with


My today's trade in Pepperstone live account during GBP news. Also you can see today's AUD news trade in my video file.



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