Suicide bomb attack at Istanbul airport leaves at least 36 dead, 140 injured

29 June 2016, 06:36
Sherif Hasan

More details from last night's attack 29 June 2016

My sad duty to report another tragic event, this time at Istanbul's Ataturk airport

  • 3 attackers opened fire near entry point to terminal then blew themselves up
  • PN Binali Yildirim said early signs suggested the so-called Islamic State was behind the attack
  • footage has emerged on social media that appears to show a police officer shooting one of the attackers, who detonates a suicide belt as he is lying injured on the ground.
  • The US called the attack "heinous", and said saying America remained "steadfast in our support for Turkey
  • German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said: "We grieve for the victims. We stand by Turkey".

The BBC has more now.

Sadly yet another tragedy to put Brexit and other matters firmly in context. As always we offer our sincere condolences.

Some safe-haven yen demand noted since the news first started to break. We wait to see what further impact it might make.

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