How to Ride a Bull

18 June 2016, 11:56
Sherif Hasan
Each person chasing their dreams.

Beginners Traders come to website like this to write/read something and to try to double their accounts.
Usually they are not realistic. They want everything and they want it now. Their greed eat their dreams.
Psychology... We don't pay attention to it and we stay down.
We don't have a chance to ride our bull and go up. To the stars. Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll land among the stars. With greed and without psychological stability we will finish in the open air without oxygen on the half way to the stars and to the moon.

But is there a solution? Can we ride our bull and jump beyond the stars?
Yes we can. When you think as a less then 2% traders. When you dream globally and act rationally.
When you know how to grab your bulls horns and how to control him with your feet on the ground.
That kind of people, with plans and strategies, stable and strong will know how to ride bull.
We ordinary traders have to learn from wiser.

The foreign exchange market is a global, biggest financial market with billions of opportunities. Just few percent of traders have positive results. Others trade and lose. Technical analysis, fundamental analysis, market psychology... When you think
that you know everything be sure that you don't know nothing. You have
to know yourself first of all. And to control yourself. To control you
psychology. If you want to be in few percents that make money in FX then
you have to act like them. Money is not problem, act same with 100
euros and with 1.000.000 euros. Love your money and respect it. You are
not a gambler. You are potential millionaire. These are not the BIG words. I'm telling the truth. I am just like you. I am still struggle with Fear and greed. I know what is my problem. Do you?
No one will fight you if you don't do that.
Money is only
a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.

But even then,when you know all of this if we don't try and lose we will not learn anything. So...
Study and learn.
Learn and try.
Try and lose.
Try and win.

And once again.
Study and learn.
Learn and try.
Try and lose.
Try and win.

Fail Often, Fail Fast, Fail Cheap but learn from your losses!
If you want to be player you have to play.
The sky's the limit for the wise people.
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