[Review] Harmonic Patterns Scanner by iML |  The Most Advanced Scanner?

[Review] Harmonic Patterns Scanner by iML | The Most Advanced Scanner?

13 March 2016, 11:22
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iML Harmnic Patterns Scanner Description as quoted from the official product overview video by Christopher Terry:

Finally, a Scanner and Charting Package that accurately identifies key Harmonic Patterns!

Our Pattern Recognition Indicator identifies in advance all the key Harmonic Patterns that Scott Carney and Larry Presevento have pioneered in the past 20 years.
By using the using the same strict Fibonacci ratios for each of these 8 incredible patterns, we have created an Automated masterpiece.
We have back tested over 30,000 Harmonic Pattern Scans, we took the most popular and most profitable Harmonic Patterns with the time frames that proved to be the most robust.
Our system has been backtested for over 5 yrs and every market condition during our rigorous testing period.
In our strict back-testing we discovered that the 1 Hour Charts, the 4 Hour Charts and the Daily time frames have tested out to have the highest odds of profitability and pattern stability within the Harmonic Pattern Criteria for the FOREX Market.
Our Harmonic Scanner searches 24 hours per day, 5 days per week for Trading Opportunities
Once a Harmonic Pattern is qualifies with the highest odds, the Scanner will ALERT you by Email that a new pattern has been posted.
On the Chart, it will list the Pair, its time frame, the pattern, the age of the pattern and the Potential Reversal Zone, so you can be confident when to buy and sell.
What’s great about our scanner is once it lists the forex pair that qualifies, you can click on it and see the chart, there is nothing else like this in the industry, it was made by trades for traders.

The Harmon Patterns that are featured are:

  • • Gartley
  • • Bat
  • • Alternate Bat
  • • Crab
  • • Deep Crab
  • • Butterfly
  • • Cypher
  • • Shark

We have a list of Features:

  • • Real-Times Scans for over 30 Pairs/Crosses
  • • Each Chart Shows SYMBOL, TIME FRAME, PATTERN & AGE
  • • Scanner E-Mails Client When New Scanned Result Occurs.
  • • Each Scan Result Provides ENTRY, STOP, TAKE PROFIT LEVELS.

We've recorded series of five short videos to better explore the functions of the overall service features:

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnCVCdln6iE
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxTkaTIsJuM
3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud9LiRyXwVA
4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkRMfakSUIY
5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1cqwIFMncw

Those who choose to Join will be welcomed to the following features / services / education:

Ready to view Lessons:

- Lesson 3: Psychology
- Lesson 4: Risk Management
- Lesson 5: Technical Analysis
- Lesson 6: Setting Up Your Trading Software
- Lesson 7: Mindset
- Lesson 8: Goal Setting

Live Education:
- Live Session webinars with Christopher Terry
- Live Session webinars with CircleOfWealth PRO Traders
- Live Webinar Sessions for education reasons by the group's trading mentors

Live Signal Sessions:
- Dedicated Live Signal Sessions by the professional traders For Forex
(Proven record, high win rate traders)
- Dedicated Live Signal Sessions by the professional traders For Binary Options (Proven record, high win rate traders)
- Wide range of recorded classes by the mentors, teaching you A-Z from the basics and up to the advanced market patterns / harmonic patterns reading
for your manual trading.

The Software:
- IML Harmonic Patterns Scanner for Forex
- IML Harmonic Patterns Scanner for Binary Options
- The software as developed by the CEO Christopher Terry who officially working with Mr' Carney the man behind
the Harmonic Patterns. Ensures the optimal software accuracy, support and education.

Benefit from a Mentor Consultation:
- Anytime consult with the mentors about investments, trading and other topics related top capital management, money management, risk management and other financial instruments.

Automated PRO Trader Copier:
- For completely new traders there is an option to connect with a professional traders via special copier EA and copy their trades automatically into your MT4 account. It's included in the package for no additional cost!

- Lifetime Student Support

- Access to the members group with all professionals where you can ask any questions and get answers

For one on one session request to explore with you all the features and included services in the package, you may request so via the Skype room:

For those who decide to join, you can review an IBO group that sharing information, signals and patterns from the scanner as well as support during the sign up: