I'm Tired of EA'S - Signed with Trading System that finally worked

I'm Tired of EA'S - Signed with Trading System that finally worked

22 June 2015, 22:33

So after i tried countless EA'S , it appeared that they only perform for 3 months and lose all the gains , so i found out a company that is a money managing company. I was what the heck let me try these guys . 

The funny thing is the first 2 days i wanted to pull my money out after the first loss , i called and they advised me to wait . So i did . Next morning i woke up and i just couldn't believe what i saw , i'm not sure weather it was a 2 or  3 at the beginning, my account was up 50 % !!!.. it takes me 3 months to get there with a decent EA???


I'm done with EA even the best ones don't perform well over time , sorry just the way i feel . Now i got people that actually know what they are doing and it is still automatic for me because i don't have to do anything .  

 So i ask them what they did , what was the magic recipe for this success ?. The answer was as simple as it can get , don't complicate FOREX , the more it gets complicated the more you are likely to lose . 


One more thing people , if there are any good EA's , they will prolly not be for sale  , you can argue with me , you can show me results but how come 90 % of people trying them end up losing . Sorry the way i feel manual or managed semi auto manual is the best . 


Cheers !!!  

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