An Automatic Forex Trading System That Can Yield 100% Returns per Month: Does it exist?

An Automatic Forex Trading System That Can Yield 100% Returns per Month: Does it exist?

13 June 2015, 16:03
Frank Breinling
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Some expert advisors promise as much as 100% per month returns, but in reality, is this really possible? You can say this is one of those marketing gimmicks to get money out of your pocket. Call it whatever you like, but I will advise you read on and afterwards, you can decide for yourself if it’s real or not.

It goes without saying that some systems work and offer you consistent results, long-haul benefits and reliability, while others are there to ruin your account. You have to exhibit serious caution in every sense of the word so that you don’t fall into the wrong hands.

If you’ve plunging into any expert Forex advisor’s program, you’ll soon realize that you can multiply your profit a couple of times only to end up suffering a loss that entirely wipes out your account. Irrespective of whatever any automatic Forex trading systems claim, you’re simply not alone. Quite a number of people have actually gone through the same experience you did.

The hard truth is that the Forex expert advisors can actually multiply your money, or even triple it, in a short while. Yes, that might seem true, but what they will never tell you, is the fact that you’re just as prone to make profits as you are to make a losses. They take huge risks, and there are no guarantees in sight. That’s the hard truth, believe it or not.

The 100% per month proclaimed by the so called Forex expert advisors will most definitely ruin your account and in the blink of an eye, you’ll lose the money you’ve struggled to accumulate. Sure, you’ll likely make some gains, but then you’ll eventually get an unpleasant surprise that you’ve lost so much money in a trade that simply didn’t favor you. So, the big question is: Is it really worth the risk? I think you already know the answer to that question.

I know at this point, you might be a bit confused and might be asking yourself, ‘which system should I go with?’ Well, I’ve got a solution for you. There is a secure and reliable Forex expert advisor, one that targets lower returns with minimum risks. The Automatic Forex trading system that promises and delivers a 5 to 10% return on a monthly basis. It’s much better than one which over promises, but delivers little or nothing in the long haul.

This system does not promise to deliver to you a 100% return per month. Rather, it delivers consistent returns to you. Though not as huge as the others claim on a monthly basis, it is definitely worth it considering the risk involved. You’ll know for sure where to put the stops and when to move a stop loss to make a profit. Their focus is actually on the system and how trading is done and also how large the stop loss will be.

As time goes on, you’ll begin to understand the system and better appreciate it. You will soon realize how naive you were when you first started, and begin to understand that there is no best trading system available. Consequently, there is not an excellent automated approach that could simply run on its own 100%, without ever being updated or modified. If you do recognize one that exists and has actually competed over two years by adding the excellent profit and little drawdown, kindly bring it to my attention.

With that being said, there are some efficient Expert Advisor (EA) programs and also automated trading systems around, as mentioned previously.

For instance, in my Forex trading system, I anticipate seeing an optimized open drawdown of 200-250 pips. If I do not mind running the risk of 25% of my $1,000 account trading this method, I would certainly put each field by adding a pip worth of $1. Worst case scenario, I would be down 25% of my account, as premeditated. As you know, financial management is an important consideration when selecting an automated trading system.

The two crucial elements when selecting an automatic system are:
1 The consistency of the system
2. Drawdown

Have you ever seen some EA champions, where different people contend as to which has the most effective automated system? The first thing that comes to my mind, or I usually observe, is that the victor for one month is often not noted in the leading five for the following month. Why is this so? The majority of these EAs are not consistent. Certainly, they can make you 500 pips in one month; however, you need to agree to endure drawdown durations of over 1,000 pips. I would considerably opt for an EA that gradually made me 50-100 pips monthly with little drawdown. It’s better I reach my goal in a slow and steady manner.
Undoubtedly, some Forex EAs being marketed out there are merely pure scrap designed to generate income for the vendor and not the user. With that being said, you can conveniently differentiate the very best Forex expert advisors from the rubbish if you have the appropriate attitude in trading Forex. Many scammers use a get rich quick scheme as bait. They promise heaven and earth to lure you in.

Grandiose promises like a 95% victory rate, or quadrupling your cash in a matter of months are the lies they paddle around to make you succumb hook, line, and sinker. If you allow the “get rich” mentality to get a better hold of you, you will never find that profitable Forex EA you’ve been seeking for so long.

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