5 Signs You Need A Forex Robot

5 Signs You Need A Forex Robot

18 December 2014, 02:09
Matthew Todorovski

5 Signs You Need A Forex Robot

Let’s face it, Forex is really hard, especially when you’re starting out. With all of the skills and knowledge required the odds are always against you. The truth is most forex traders won’t last. Don’t lose hope though. By adding a forex robot to your team you’re taking the first step towards forex mastery. Here are 5 signs that you need a forex robot.

1. You Jump From Strategy To Strategy

You come across a free trading strategy on a bulletin board that seems easy enough. But after a week things aren’t going so well. So you modify the strategy a bit. You give up after two weeks and try something else. Rinse and repeat.

A strategy is only as good as the forex trader using it. By strategy hopping you’ll never learn what works. It’s time to enlist the help of a forex robot. It trades the same system with precise accuracy for you, everytime.

2. You’re Staying Awake All Hours Of The Night

“This new strategy is great! But I have to wake up every four hours to check new H4 candles.” Sound familiar? Any strategy that interferes with your sleep is bad. If you don’t sleep well you won’t ever trade well.

So turn on that forex robot before you go to bed and sleep like a baby. It’ll find trades for you all night long. No alarms required.

3. You’re Losing Money

Every trader wants to make money in forex. But most won’t. It takes a lot of practice and know how to be able to trade manually and not lose your account.

If forex is starting to feel like a money pit, you need a forex robot. Forex robots have years of experience built into them. Show those pips who’s boss.

4. You Have No Free Time

Balancing life, work, and play is hard enough as it is. Add forex trading into the mix and other parts of your life will begin to suffer. Research, practice, reading charts, etc. It can start to feel like a full time job.

Offload some of the burden onto a forex robot. It will find trades as long as the market is open. So you’re free to actually get outside and have a life.

5. You’re Thinking About Quitting Forex

Forex can be frustrating. Especially if you’ve tried everything and nothing works. By quitting forex you’re giving up the possibility of extra income and admitting failure.

Before you give up download a forex robot. There’s no effort required on your part beyond installation so you’ve got nothing to lose.

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