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change the chart background color to white when you test! because the arrows are in black color!


1,timeframe:I prefer H1,H4,D1.

2,profitable points: for the purpose of scalper ,less than 20 pipes for each trade is better.

3,currency:i prefer EURUSD,USDJPY,GBPUSD

4,how to place orders: up arrows means to go long and down arrows means to go short. one trade each time .close the trades in 120 hours if the trades hasn't been executed .

5,lots amount:0.0001 of your total capital.  for example ,if you have 1000usd ,you lots should be 1000*0.00001=0.1lots.

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Version 11.0 2019.07.24
add new stratege
Version 9.0 2019.07.04
optimize the code and increase the effectiveness.
Version 5.0 2019.06.21
add the arrow color parameters, you can choose your favorite color by yourself .just input the color you like.
Version 4.0 2019.06.21
solve the error about out of array.
Version 3.0 2019.06.20
solve the error of lack of custom indicators
Version 2.0 2019.06.20
I solve the lack of custom indicators in the previous edition, you can download the demo edition to try. I sincerely thank you for giving me advice to make this scalper indicator better to use!