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The indicator shows when there are overpricing and divergences over a normalized MACD

Plus, it displays signals with configurable alerts, self-regulating dynamic overprice levels, and a simple setup and interface.

The only indicator that automatically calculates overprices ranges!
MACDmaxmin is an indicator based on the MACD oscillator that effectively identifies trend changes in price, as it is a momentum indicator that captures the trend and shows the relationship between two moving averages of the price.

MACDmaxmin provides valuable market information and signals of overpricing, and divergences that it detects automatically. These signals are represented in the oscillator as circles for the divergence points and squares for the overprices points. You can immediately receive configurable alerts for these signals.

Furthermore, this indicator has two unique characteristics

It graphs dynamic support and resistance levels that it automatically calculates according to the market to which it has been applied and the input parameters conveniently configured by the trader. Overbought and oversold levels are also automatically calculated for each chart optimizing the results.

The second uniqueness of MACDmaxmin is that it presents normalized values ​​on a scale of -100 to 100 to get a global idea about the real movement of the market.

MACDmaxmin features

  • The indicator allows to generate alerts in different configurations (mobile application - Push, email, desktop application) when divergences and overpricing are detected
Soon more strategies will be implemented to have a great variety of signals and to fully exploit the possibilities of this indicator
  • Alerts can be repeated for the same event to guarantee or to recognize the MACDmaxmin indicator
  • The indicator simplifies the parameters to the maximum, to avoid the trader complex configurations
  • The indicator is valid for any asset and any time horizon
  • It can be used in strategies based solely on this indicator or it can be combined with other indicators
  • You can configure the color of the indicator trend lines.
  • Optimized and tested algorithm to ensure it is always in service
  • A positive and a negative area that represents the MACD movement
  • Oscillating line as a signal of trend strength
  • 2 lines of dynamic levels of supports and resistances in the oscillator signal
  • Two lines of dynamic levels, resist and support

MACDmaxmin Indicator Parameters

  • Fast MACD Period candlestick period used to calculate the fast moving average of the MACD oscillator
  • Slow MACD Period candlestick period used to calculate the slow moving average of the MACD oscillator
  • Signal Period period used to calculate the MACD signal
  • Tolerance value used as a condition to accept a peak as a new maximum or minimum
  • Kind price calculation can use all forms of price calculation including HL / 2, HLC / 3 and HLCC / 4
  • View divergence (circle) display circles in the oscillator at the points where divergences occurred
  • View overprice (square) display in the oscillator squares at the points where overpricing is detected
  • View trend in chart (arrow) see in the candlestick chart an arrow indicating the possible trend according to the oscillator RSImaxmin
  • View support and resist levels view support and resistance calculated automatically
  • Alert Settings allows you to choose the alerts you want to receive regarding the indicator. These can be:
    • alerts_off
    • maxmin_Divergences
    • max_Divergences
    • min_Divergences
    • overbought
    • oversold
    • overbought_sold
    • all_alerts
  • Alert Kind are the options that the program allows to notify you of an event. These can be:
    • Mobile (you must have this option activated on your MT5 platform)
    • Email (you must configure your MT5 platform to receive emails)
    • Desktop
    • Alls
  • Alert repetition per event is the number of times an alert can be repeated for the same event. You can repeat an alarm 1, 3, 5, and 10 times as needed
If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact me using the following link

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