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MW Volume

The Martinware™ Volume indicator plots a colored moving average over volume bars. The coloring uses three colors and can be done in different ways choosable by the user and is applied both to the average as to the volume bars.

Three types of coloring are possible:
  1. None: no coloring is done
  2. Increasing or decreasing: changes the color depending on the current value being bigger or lesser than the previous one
  3. Volume relative to average: colors vary if the current volume is bigger or lesser then the previous moving average value

Input parameters:
  • Volume's coloring: which type of coloring is to be applied to the volume bars
  • Volume's applied data: the kind of volume to be shown, tick or real volume
  • Average's coloring: which type of coloring is to be applied to the moving average
  • Average's period: the moving average's period
  • Average's shift: the moving average's shift, equal or bigger than 0
  • Average's method: the moving average's method, if simple, exponential or another kind
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Версия 1.2 2020.08.13
Minor code improvements
Версия 1.1 2020.07.03
Code improved (algorithm remains the same)