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MW Closing Time Alarm

The Martinware™ Closing Time Alarm indicator serves to warn traders that the current period (bar, candle) is about to end. It does so by temporarily changing the graph's background color and, optionally, sound an alarm.

Input parameters:
  • Time frame: the time frame used as a reference to calculate the alarm
  • Time offset: with how many seconds before the ending of the current period the alarm must trigger
  • Alarm color: the color to be used in the graph's background when the alarm triggers
  • Enable sound: informs if the warning should also play a sound
  • Custom sound: name of the custom sound file to be used. It must be inside a folder named "Sounds", this one inside the "Files" folder in the Terminal's MQL5 directory tree. Leave this field empty if one of the embedded sounds is to be used
  • Embedded sounds: a list of embedded sounds
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