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Breakout Scanner

Multi currency and multi timeframe scanner.

Scans all instruments in "market watch" and gives either pc-alert or push-notification to the phone on a breakout.

A breakout is by default defined as when a candle becomes longer than two ATR with a period of 300.


  • Has spread filter, to not open stupid mega spread crypto currency charts.
  • Has load time measurement.
  • Can open charts automatically.
  • Can give either phone notification or platform alrerts.
  • No cpu usage between checks.
  • Crypto currency adapted.


    • Chose time frames below or use current - Include only current time frame or all timeframes.
    • EAPair - Include only current chart or all pairs in Watch list for scanning.
    • UpdateSeconds - Chose how often the EA updates.
    • If "false" alert is sent to pc instead. - Turn off push notifications and only have alerts on the pc.
    • Body length to trigger(ATR300) - The body length compared to ATR(Period 300).
    • UseSpreadFilter - Use spread filter
    • Max spread(ATR300 M5) - Max spread in ATR on the 5min chart. 0.5 means a half ATR(Period 300) on the 5min chart as max spread.
    • UseM1 - Include 1min timeframe.
    • UseM5 - Include 5min timeframe.
    • UseM15 - Incldue 15min time frame and so on.
    • UseM30 -
    • UseM60 -
    • Use4H -
    • UseDaily -
    • Open chart window on entry - Have the EA open a new chart window on breakout.
    • PrintLoadTime - Print the time it took to scan through the watchlist for signals.

      Remeber to turn on notifications in MT5 under the menu:
      Tools > Options > Notifications.

      Warning! Remember to always consider volume, time of day, news and resistance levels before trading a breakout.

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        Версия 1.3 2020.09.03
        - Only gives every signal one time. No repetitive notifications any more.
        Версия 1.2 2020.05.18
        -Minor fixes, not related to function.