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The beast

The EA utilizes Fear and Greed of market.

That's why this EA works on almost all market.

Specifically,this EA searches for extreme prices and exploit that.

This EA does not use Martingale,Grid or other risky systems.

As default,all trades have a StopLoss level.


The EA is well suited for Forex.

Any pair will do,but I recommend major pairs.

Higher timeframes like H1 is best.But this EA can be used for scalping too(with low Profit Factor).

Any broker will do,but lower spread and commission is always better.


  • TakeProfit - Defines TakeProfit Level.
  • Stoploss - Defines Stoploss level.
  • TrailingStop-If this parameter is above 0,the EA will use TrailingStop as exit strategy.You can combine this with exit strategy defined in TP_SL_Method.
  • Slippage - Defines slippage in pippet
  • Lots- Defines lots.
  • EntryMode - Defines which setup is used.Recommend Best_ProfitFactor.
  • LotsMethod -Defines methods for lots.If you choose Fixed,lots will be the size you entered above.You can increase lots automatically by choosing Progressive.
  • TP_SL_Method - Defines methods for profit taking and stoploss.
  • TP_ATR_Value - Set value of ATR to be used in TP_SL_Method.If this is set 1,and TP_SL_Method is Use_ATR,then EA order TP and SL order one ATR away.
  • SL_ATR_Value - Same as above.
  • ShowStartLine -Show a line when the EA start.
  • ShowTradeData - When order placed,show info about trade
  • CloseCount - If this is 5,any order will be closed after new five bar.
  • ShowMargin - Show info about margin in left upper corner
  • LimitTradingHour - Limit trading according to Start operation hour and Last operation hour
  • Start opeperation hour
  • Last operation hour
  • DDstopper - If you use this function,trade will not be placed when your account is dropped to  certain percentages defined by DD_percentage.For example,DD_percentage is 90 and your account drops to {initial account*90%},EA do not trade anymore.
  •  DD_percentage

Normally,default setting is best.

Depending on pairs,optimize "Trade_Parameters".


Be patient then profit comes.

###To protect profitability,numbers of copies is limited to 100.###

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